Registrant's Handbook

The Registrant's Handbook is the official set of  Ethics, Standards, Policies and guidelines that govern the practice of midwifery in Alberta.  The handbook is an electronic file of Standards, Policies and Information to guide and support Midwifery Practice.  It lays out the Standards of Competency and Practice, the requirements for registration, and for Practice Permit renewal.   

The Midwifery Code of Ethics can be found here .

To access the content of the Handbook, click the links below:

  1. Standards of Competency and Practice

    2. Standards of Client Protection

  2. Guidelines for Prescribing and Administering Drugs

  3. Mobility in Canada

  4. Model of Midwifery Care

  5. Policies (see   College Policies and Guidelines )

  6. Newborn Metabolic Screening

  7. Infection Control: 

  8. Standards, Limits, and Conditions for Controlled Substances (June 2013)

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