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Midwives transition to the Health Professions Act - April 1, 2019


The news about changes to the Midwifery Regulation is based on changes to legislation which moves Midwifery from the Health Disciplines Act to the Health Professions Act.

CMA / AAM news release


CMA and AAM issued a joint new release in response to the changed regulations and status of Midwives in Alberta.  NEWS RELEASE

Government announces changes to Midwifery Regulations


Health Minister Sarah Hoffman made an announcement in Dec 2018 regarding the change to Midwifery Regulations.  See media release HERE.  Changes are still pending final approvals by Alberta Health.  

Annual General Meeting


The annual general meeting of the College of Midwives of Alberta Council was held May 16, 2019.

Changing Practice Permit classification?


There is a new form available in the member portal  which is to be used when a midwife wishes to change Practice Permit classification.

Council Meetings


Regular meetings of the College Council are held at the College offices, 119E 1144 29ave NE, Calgary.  The next meetings are July 4, 9:30 and Sept. 12 9:30am. 

College of Midwives Archives


The CMA would like to start an archive of documents and memorabilia from the history of Midwifery in Alberta. 

CMA Adopts CAM Statement on Canadian Midwifery Model of Care


The College of Midwives of Alberta has adopted the Canadian Association of Midwives' Statement on the Canadian Midwifery Model of Care. Read the position statement here.

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