Information about midwife-related complaints is confidential unless sent to a formal disciplinary hearing. Under the Health Professions Act(HPA), the Registrar:

  • Must release certain information when a midwife’s practice permit is 1) revoked, 2) suspended, or 3) restricted with conditions.
  • Must publish any decision made by a hearing tribunal, council or court of unprofessional conduct based in whole or in part on sexual abuse or sexual misconduct.
  • Can publish or distribute information about any discipline hearing not held in private to ensure transparency and accountability to the public.

The CMA publishes a brief description of resolutions regarding complaints of unprofessional conduct by midwives. This may include a variety of formats as well as the sanctions ordered by a Hearing Tribunal.  Publication is not intended to provide comprehensive information but rather to provide the opportunity for
 learning and understanding by both members and the public. 
For more information contact the CMA office.

Alternate Resolutions

Agreements and Undertakings

Publications ordered by Hearing Tribunals

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